Looking for a genuine business opportunity?
Want to work for yourself?
Want to earn a really good living?
Want a region not just a little town?

Get a lot more for your investment with us.
Massive expansion potential without buying another area.
Why not run your very own loft boarding solution territory.
Be your own boss! stop working for the man.

Easily earn yourself in excess of  £40'000 each month with continued growth (Proven).
Own a HUGE regional territory (not just one or two towns)
Fully managed with a dedicated sales call enquiry centre.
Comprehensive in house training facilities and program.
Regional franchises from only £10k+vat

Loft boarding installation business franchise

We have a 68% conversion rate.
Between 50% to 80% profit margin.
HUGE EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY compared to similar franchises advertised allowing you loads of room to expand.

Quality qualified leads generated by head office from over 50 geo websites.
Access to our own IT, web development and marketing team.
Full support from our dedicated franchise team all year round.
Intensive on-site & in-house training at our dedicated training centre.
Access to the knowledge of our tried and tested formulas from a company that started in 2010 with virtually nothing in the bank and is now selling in excess of £1.3 million by the end of 2019
Become part of the success story that you may have seen in the media in Northwest of England.

Why not come and see us at our head office.
See how we work with no airs and graces, no fancy set-up, just a real live working environment.

We employ over 30 staff with over 16 vehicles on the road installing on average 75 loft boarding solutions a week, come and see how this operation is all run. We even have our own garage for dedicated vehicle maintenance to keep our fleet on the road.

With our help and our trade secret formula we can make your loft boarding business franchise grow too.

But not just anyone can do this!
You have to be a very ambitious person, someone who knows about the building trade and how to deal with the general public. You will need to dedicate 100% of your time to this franchise, its not a part time job, it will need your full attention.


Want to know what our first franchisee has to say about this?

An update on this story: Gavin and Carol have just hit £40k for the month of November 2019, which is testament to how well they are running their franchise and how working together as one big team can achieve those goals and succeed. Continue on this level they could hit quarter of a million in the next twelve months.
They also now employ three full time Installers and their franchise covers the whole of Yorkshire.

"Amazing, I just didn't realise the full potential of these guys until I took on a franchise a few months ago, now I'm selling in excess of £30000 a month and it just keeps growing.

I certainly couldn't have done this on my own, it's a minefield, and UK Loft Boarding really are the experts in this field , they know their stuff and  they held my hand all the way.

With their unique formula, amazing skill set in marketing, they really can put your franchise on the map, and in no time at all you will be not just making profit, but a decent wage too.

Now I 'm looking to invest in another franchise territory."

Gavin & Carol Hutchinson - Owner / manager of "Yorkshire Loft Boarding" Franchise

An update on this story, Gavin and Carol have just hit £40k in Nov 2019 which is testament to how well they are running the franchise

Looking for a real challenge?

Not just a couple of towns, whole regions!

Reserved or Not Available:
Northwest England
Yorkshire & Humber
Scotland regions available soon



Loft boarding installation business franchise

Includes: exclusivity of these HUGE areas which is probably 30 times bigger than any other similar loft storage franchise, with 50+ powerful geo websites, enquiry handling, survey booking and management, head office support, full training on products, installation techniques and sales approach, marketing and advertising techniques.
You do not have to be a salesperson to sell these products and services, our 50+ geo located websites and our expert loft advisors will do all the grunt work to give you the best quality leads and surveys to visit.
On average a 68% conversion rate is easily achievable.

Call us on 0800 8799967 to make an appointment to spend a morning or afternoon with us at our head office in Accrington Lancashire. We are a family run company who have built a solid business from nothing and now want to share our success with others.
See how it all operates, see all the sales figures past and present. You're under no obligation to commit to buying or signing anything we just want you to come and see everything for yourself, take it away and have a think.

Terms are to be discussed on the day of the visit.
There is a financial commitment required from a franchisee in order to purchase the franchise, some of which we do offer assistance financing this on an interest free pay back arrangement in the first year of trading to make it even more affordable to get started and established.

If you would like more information please fill out the form below or call us directly on 01254 370073