Interest Free Credit Loft Storage

Spread the cost of your loft storage solution with our 0% interest free Easy Payment Plan

We offer all our customers an interest free way to pay.
We know a lot of our customers have more than one project on the go, and the one thing they really want is some storage to get all the stuff in the other rooms or garage out of the way to get on with the rest of the projects.
So we understand that money can be a bit tight when you've several projects lined up or on the go and getting them done in the correct order can be a challenge.

Even if you've already had a quote from us in the past?

Easy Payment Plan is available even if you've had a quote from us in the past. Just give us a call on 0800 8799967 and ask to be put on our Easy Payment Plan option. We will send out your paperwork, all you have to do is fill in the simple form, sign it and send it back to us.

No Credit Checks, No Money Up-front, No Interest.

We are the only company in the UK that provides this facility purely by ourselves so you are not dealing with a finance company or third party.

1. Spend £1000 or more and pay over 3 interest free payments;
Example: Total amount £1200
1st payment on completion of the work of £400
2nd payment 30 days after the installation date of £400
3rd payment 60 days after the installation date of £400
Total paid £1200
Interest £0

2: Spend £1800 or more and pay over 6 interest free payments:
Example: Total amount £2100
1st payment on completion of the work of £350
remaining payments paid over the next 5 months at £350
Total paid £2100
Interest £0

Payments are made by standing order only!
*This is a deferred payment option over three, six or 9 payments with no interest, no credit checks and no deposit. You can pay off in full at any time and no penalty fees are charged. The only stipulations are that the applicant must be a home owner and in full time employment, self employed or retirement pension income and have the means to pay the total amount within the agreed period. Please note: Each default in payment could incur administration fees of £25 (Minimum). Failure to pay the amount in full could result in a county court summons being issued and a judgement being placed on your credit history which will cause difficulty obtaining credit or finance in the future. Please call us immediately if you have any difficulties in making a payment

Call us now on our FREE UK phone number 0800 8799967 (Landline & UK Mobiles FREE) or Contact click here to contact us
EPP scheme is arranged through UK Loft Boarding Ltd and payments are made by standing order through your bank, so you are always in control.