LBNW™ - Timber Raised Loft Floor Solution

Built to last a life time
10 Year Guarantee
Ideal for older houses with
Victorian / Edwardian Fragile Ceiling

IDEAL FOR OLDER HOUSES.  We come across a lot of older weaker ceilings or ceilings with smaller joists than normal.
We advise not to just board direct to the joists or batten and board directly to the joists because the ceiling joists are too weak to allow the additional boarding & storage weight (load).

Mainly older terraced and detached houses pre WW2 and after WW2 when we started building again we had a short supply of materials so houses were built to a very minimal specification.

Although your ceiling joists are adequate (in most cases) to support your ceiling only, they were never designed to take any extra weight on them, so they must be strengthened or built above correctly to allow boarding, storage items and you to walk about safely and by adding more support this will prevent major expensive repairs in the future. 

You'd be surprised how much stuff we put in our lofts over the years and it accumulates to the point where you are over loading the ceiling.
Time to get a proper storage supporting floor installed before you damage the ceilings for good.

Cheap loft boarding versions are dangerous!

Insufficient strengthening or supporting of a storage floor will cause problems with weaker ceilings and unfortunately a lot of "loft companies" out there are not aware of how to create strong safe storage sub-frames (storage platforms) in a loft.
Installing directly on to the ceiling or on some 3x2 battens will only increase the load directly on the existing ceiling joists and will not strengthen it, contrary to the opinion of some companies who do not have the correct building knowledge suggesting it will strengthen the ceiling. This is incorrect information.

Think about it! Add some timber battens, boards, add your storage items, you and someone else and without the correct extra support your ceiling could essentially be very dangerously overloaded. Is it really worth the risk of going for a cheap alternative which will only overload your ceilings? It's a huge expensive mistake when the damage is done, not to mention you and your family's safety.

This will result in a huge problem with condensation build up under the boards and contribute to black mould growth. Once this black mould gets in your insulation it will have to be removed as it will be contaminated. Continued mould growth under none raised loft boarding will eventually affect the plasterboard and you will see black mould patches appearing on your ceiling. This is a simple low cost very effective way so you can utilise your loft space as a storage area

So who can install this in my loft ?

All you have to do is call our office on 0800 8799967 to arrange a FREE no obligation survey to determine your exact requirements and provide you with an immediate fixed price quote. If you are satisfied with the price and requirements we can arrange for one of our certified and approved LBNW™ installer to come and install your timber raised loft floor system and boarding along with your other requirements e.g. ladder, hatch, light, top-up insulation, safety rails etc.

You get a 10 year guarantee on everything we install along with our commercial PLI insurance so you have complete peace of mind your are dealing with a professional top quality company. Any size of loft can be done as this system is modular so we put it all together on site to fit your loft space. In most cases, depending on how much boarding you require, normally it can take just 1 day to install and with minimal disruption to your home.

If you require a quote for a timber raised loft floor storage floor system for older properties simply call us on our UK enquiries number or e-mail us by clicking below

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